Neighborhood Meeting for The Point


Thursday, March 7th PlanIt participants, neighborhood residents, and interested parties braved the snowy weather to gather at Immaculate Conception for a neighborhood meeting.


The mayor, Kim Driscoll, was in attendance and determined that the City will help “put words into actions.”



The youth was well represented and engaged.

This summer, Salem Public Space Projects hopes to engage with these community goals in particular:

Point Visioning Plan Community Goals


3 thoughts on “Neighborhood Meeting for The Point

  1. This is a great list – thanks for the info. As Salem Residents (who all live in/around the South Salem/ SSU area) we often pass The Point on walks downtown. I’ve even considered getting a garden at Palmers Cove.

    If the recycling issue is a lack of information about “how to” recycle- I bet someone could contact the Salem Recycles Committee to put together a presentation and they would be happy and willing to give it. (We might need a translator – As far as I know, no committee members speak Spanish.) Who knows, maybe the presentation could be in the Mary Jane Lee park when the weather is warmer. 🙂

    Best of Luck – Beth M.

    • Hi Beth,

      That is a great idea about a “how to recycle” presentation in Mary Jane Lee Park – are you on the Salem Recycles Committee? We had an Easter egg hunt in the park this past Saturday with a great turnout that I am certain will only increase as the weather warms!

      Thanks for your interest,

      • Yes, I am on the committee. I’m a new member, but I’m pretty sure that this would be an opportunity not to be missed out on. Especially as Salem is heading toward mandatory recycling it would be great to field questions and explain that too.

        On May 4th Salem recycles is having a Swap and Drop event on the Commons, it would be great if you wanted to stop by then and meet some of the other committee members, especially Julie Rose who is the chair, and works for the city of Salem. You can check out the info on the facebook page. – Beth

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