Point Neighborhood Association Meeting at the Lot!


On Friday, September 27th, the Point Neighborhood Association held their monthly meeting at the Palmer Street lot, outside and in the fresh autumn air. Salem Public Space was happy to host!


There was quite a turnout, and not enough chairs, but a lot of energy! A couple people were encouraged to join the group as they happened to walk past us.


There were many announcements and activities in the ad-hoc, bright surroundings. 04

The city’s new liason to the Latino community, Isabel Vargas, introduced herself and her new role in City Hall. Claudia Chuber from the PEM spoke of the upcoming exhibit Beyond Human: Artist-Animal Collaborations.


PNA president Lucy Corchado and councilman Robert McCarthy spoke about getting out the vote for local elections; while Point residents have strong turnout for national elections, local elections see fewer numbers.06As night fell, one resident pointed out the street lights that needed to be fixed – luckily the Councilman was there! Yet another benefit of having the meeting in the neighborhood, with the sound of the park across the way, people walking by and observing, even if they didn’t participate vocally. A strong, visible presence, would in time encourage more participation. And then, of course, the famous pastelitos hot from the Tropical market a block away – they were gone in less than two minutes!

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