ReImagine A Lot! Week 8

I Imagine info poster_Week 08_Page_1

The BBQ preparations are in full swing. Later, helpers each receive a pumpkin candy bucket. I Imagine info poster_Week 08_Page_2

Neighborhood kids pin where their favorite place in the Point is – many choose their houses, which is rather endearing. The adults mostly choose parks. I Imagine info poster_Week 08_Page_3

Thanks to the PEM for sponsoring! Claudia Chuber came to invite everyone to the museum as it is free for all Salem residents.I Imagine info poster_Week 08_Page_6

Thanks to The Dejas for the music!I Imagine info poster_Week 08_Page_4

I Imagine info poster_Week 08_Page_7Thanks to Keith, Jeff, and the On Point Program for some great grilling!

I Imagine info poster_Week 08_Page_5And thanks to the Point Neighborhood for participating to ReImagine Palmer Street Lot!

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