Snow Boundries

Snow Ways

Snow Ways

How does the snow change what you see? What is visible, now? What is invisible now? How do you decide where to stop shoveling? How do you know who can shovel? What does a shoveling style show?


Chair Portraits: Before&After

The chairs used in Share-a-Chair were unwanted, some left for pick up on North Shore streets. See the gallery for a closer look at each unique chair; the paint brings cohesion to the messy aggregate for a common purpose: a procession and poetry reading in the park. Given new life for the brief performance, many were soon appropriated for play, then spectacle, destroyed and dismantled. Scroll down to previous posts for the full journey.


Framing Lafayette Park


Lafayette Park is called Bum Park, Drugville, and Hobo Park by some locals. Everyone says it casually. But these negative viewpoints don’t include the park’s assets, they don’t acknowledge the greater social issues at play, and don’t leave room in our imagination for greater inclusive visions for a green space at the intersection of several of Salem’s discreet areas.

A Public Space Language

Problems + Assets / Link Potential = Public Space Actions

  • Link (yellow) – two spaces that are divided, a broken path
  • Re-imagine (orange) – a space to be different than it is
  • Right (red) – against a spatial injustice or Right (red) – a spatial wrong
  • Give (blue) – a missing object needed for optimum space use
  • Grow (green) – something to nourish the space

Each Public Space Action is identified by color and an action word. Together, actions form a public space language to facilitate personal and collective dialogues with a place.