Reality and Imagination at Palmer Street Lot


A great deal of imagination is still needed for the Palmer Street lot as it remains in a legal tangle. Last fall, we gathered over 90 suggestions of what residents hope the Palmer Lot will become in the future. It is still uncertain since its owner is still nowhere to be found, but retains the right to his property since it is current on all taxes, thanks to the mortgage company. Now, it stands, still colorful, with “community” as its tagline, but a bit of a relic before its time. As noted above: imagination is sorely needed! (and perhaps some legal knowledge wouldn’t hurt!)

Soil report at Palmer Street Lot: The Installation

Since the soil report is in, we know there is no lead, but the soil lacks nutrients.

installation view 1

Salem Public Space Project asks: What can grow in this lot? Residents can pull up a chair and read all about it!

Resident sits to read the report!

Resident sits to read the report!

Soil Report at Palmer Street Lot: What can grow here?

After digging for samples, we received a soil report from UMass Amherst. As assumed, the soil needs more nutrients, but happily, the levels of lead are low! You can view the full Soil Report.

For the community, SPSP used the report information to create the following poster to ponder the beauty and complexity of dirt(!), and, now that we know what’s in the soil, what shall we grow?

SPSP What Can Grow Here

We will install this poster at the 38-40 Palmer Street lot on Saturday, April 20th at noon – come see!